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Board approves Pemex Exploration and Production appointment of its new structure


The Board of Directors of the Production Subsidiary Company (EPS) Pemex Exploration and Production (PEP), which chairs the CEO of Pemex Emilio Lozoya, adopted the new Constitution of PEP, and appointments of eight deputy directors of Directorate of Development and Production.

The appointees are:

Villegas Ricardo Vazquez, deputy director of Shallow Water Production

Arellano Felix Alvarado, deputy Terrestrial Field Production

Fong José Luis Aguilar, deputy director of Production Field Unconventional

Placido Reza Gerardo Reyes, deputy director of Production of non-associated gas fields

Eduardo Zavala birth, deputy director of Sustainable Development, Industrial Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Protection

Jose Guadalupe de la Garza Saldivar, deputy Reliability

Primo Luis Velazco Paz, deputy director of Packaging and Distribution of Hydrocarbons

Luis Ramos Martinez, deputy director of Portfolio Management.

Performance evaluation of officials who make up the new structure of PEP include both parameters for measuring value creation as indicators to assess the contribution to industrial safety, sustainable development and environmental protection.

With the issuance of the statute duplication of functions is avoided and its alignment and consistency with the new organization and objectives of Pemex says.

The new Board of Directors of Pemex Exploration and Production EPS is comprised of:

The CFO, Mario Beauregard Alvarez

The Corporate Director of Planning, Coordination and Performance, Rodulfo Figueroa Alonso

The Corporate Director of Procurement and Supply, Arturo Henriquez Autrey

The executive director of the Board of Directors of Pemex Exploration and Production, Juan Javier Hinojosa Puebla

The head of the Undersecretariat of Revenue SHCP, Miguel Messmacher Linartas

The head of the unit Industrial Policy Transformation SENER, Rosanety Barriosa Beltran

They were appointed the secretary and deputy secretary of the Council, Miguel Angel Ramos Flores and Patricia Zorrilla, respectively.

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